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Network and Security Services
Install shared Internet access through a single DSL or Cable connection so that all users in the network can access the Internet through one line.
Why spend a fortune on modems and dial up accounts at the office (not to mention the per minute charges your telephone company charges you) when you can install a single DSL line and share that connection with all users on your network. Shared Internet access allows all
of your users to access the Internet even though you have only one dial up or DSL connection. By having a single point of entry to the Internet, it also becomes easier to secure your network from prying eyes.
File and Printer Sharing
File sharing allows users to save their documents on a password protected, secure server. This allows for easy to manage backup procedures and also prevents access to your confidential documents from unauthorized persons.
Printer sharing will allow all users in your network to print to a single printer. This allows the company to invest in a high-speed, high quality printer and not worry about maintaining printers for every desktop. This is cost efficient because supplies for networked printers are lower and the printers themselves are more reliable as well. Of course power users will still have the option of printing to their own printers.
E-mail and Web Servers
Are you interested in registering your own domain on the Internet so your customers can find out information about your company at Would you like to have your own email domains so that your customers can reach you at rather than Of course, fill in your own company name instead of But we can take care of the entire domain registration process, setup email accounts for your company and put up a simple or complex web page that gives information about your company.
Or maybe you are a relatively large company and prefer to have your email-hosted onsite for security and easier user management capabilities. We can take care of setting up a permanent connection to the internet, setup your email and web servers, then train you on how to manage the users. And we can take care of the maintenance on the servers with monthly service contracts so that your users can focus on what they do best.
Backup and Recovery
Your data is the most important piece of information on your computers; itís time to treat it that way. A full backup and recovery plan ensures that the documents your users are working on are saved and can be recovered at any time. Simply installing a tape backup drive in your server is not enough. A schedule must be setup and procedures established to ensure that your data is there even when your servers hard drives fail or in case of other disasters. Itís never a question of "if" with computers, itís simply a matter of when.
We can install and configure RAID systems to ensure data integrity even with single hard drive failures in your servers. We can also setup and establish your tape backup procedures to ensure that your data is safe even though a disaster occurs. A good plan should allow you to recover any file on any day for at least the last month and also ensure that tapes are maintained offsite in case of disasters at the office. A good plan should also include test data recovery scenarios to ensure that the data backup procedures are working properly.
With the mad rush to get connected to the Internet, many offices have exposed themselves to possible security risks with their fulltime DSL or even part-time dial up connections. We can help explain what some of the possible risks to security are and take the steps required to close those risks. This may be as simple as installing a small software package, or as complex as installing a hardware firewall device. Either way, with the proliferation of viruses and spyware on the Internet it is important to ensure that you are protected at the office.
Being on the Internet means that you must have a complete antivirus solution. The solution should update virus definitions daily, notify you when a virus is detected and also be centrally managed. We have complete corporate level antivirus packages which will help ensure that all systems in your environment remain virus free.
Our staff consists of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers and Linux experts who can configure your network servers the way you want them. Whether itís setting up security and users under Windows NT/2000 or under Linux with Samba the choice is yours. You can use the web server of choice (Apache) and the worlds most popular email server (Sendmail) under Linux or use something a little easier to configure and maintain under Windows 2000. The choice is yours.